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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pain Free with Frankincense Essential Oil

My free bottle of doTerra's Frankincense oil arrived at a time when my old dogs' pain pills were delayed due to a change in their prescription.

I used the oil by directly massaging it into their achy joints and muscles, as Frankincense is good for inflammation and pain, including sciatic pain.

Within about 10 seconds, I noticed my dogs visibly relax. My Pit Bull's breathing became slower and deeper within this time. I also, felt elated, euphoric. A peaceful joy filled the room.

My dogs went to sleep. When they got up an hour or two later, they started playing with their toys and with each other in a much more frisky way than usual!

It was wonderful, as my Pit Bull, who has had back surgery for an huge herniated disk, hadn't been interested in toys for a long time. He was the one who initiated the play, by picking up a stick!

My dogs not only experienced the benefits of pain and inflammation relief, but we all experienced Frankincense oil's mood enhancing gift as well.

Now, as soon as I open the bottle of Frankincense, they line up for their massage! Smart animals!

Take advantage of this extended Free offer.

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Thank You!

Lisa M. Smith
doTerra Essential Oil Therapist

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